Thursday, June 21, 2012

Busy Lady

Oh my goodness.. The past few weeks have been so crazy hectic! I started my summer missions job for the third year in a row, and it's so much fun! But fun can be draining. Anybody who hangs out with kids all day should know that! 
Summer missions is great though. The kids I work with are always so sweet (not always well behaved, but sweet none-the-less). I'm not one to handle older kids, being a pre-k to second grade lover myself, but I was asked to lead a 4th-6th grade Vacation Bible School class. Let me tell you something.. I definitely do not have the strong voice and presence of authority needed with those ages!
But I was blessed enough to witness the most amazing thing ever. Something that makes all the traveling, all the missed sleep, all the loud and rude children, and all the negativeness around me bearable. I had a fifth grader make a profession of faith. I witnessed someone make a decision to change their eternity. How amazing. God is so good! 

Dollar Tree Finds

 I love a bargain. Especially when the bargain is also adorable! When browsing around the local Dollar Tree, I found some cute wall plaques. The lady bug was begging to be taken home and painted, so I thought I'd share. The plaque is sturdy and came with an attached ribbon for hanging. Kids would love this idea as much as I did!
 You don't have to stay within the standard lady bug colors- go nuts! A light blue lady bug with lime green dots would be awesome! Plus google eyes make everything more fun!

When you finish this simple project, hang it wherever suits you. I hung mine in my bedroom amongst some framed pictures. I think she fits in nicely, don't you? Extra fun: Add a quote on the front!
"Lovely little ladybug

sent from up above

please watch over my garden

and fill it up with love."