Friday, August 24, 2012

Fall Wreath

Fall is almost here! I love fall more than any other season because it is so colorful! I bought the wreath used for this craft at Micheal's Craft Store and the leaves were purchased in a bag of 50 from the Dollar Tree, along with the sunflowers.
 Now just follow this easy picture guide to create your own!

Supplies You'll Need:
-Grapevine wreath
-Artificial flowers
-Artificial leaves
-Hot glue gun

Supplies you will need!
Push the flower tip through the center of the leaf before hot gluing.
Hot glue flowers into place.

Single flower arrangement with leaves on the side.

Double flower arrangement with leaves on the side.

Tuck leaves into the vines and hot glue into place.

Your leaves should be tucked into place around your flowers and into the vine.

Hang on the wall or your front door!

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  1. That's a lovely fall wreath, Em! I'm a new friend here. I love your photography and your faith.

    1. Well thank you very much! Your comment practically made my day!