Friday, November 30, 2012

DIY Chandelier Earrings

I made these recently as a Christmas present I'll be giving to my best friend. They took a little time, but were well worth all the effort put into them!

Supplies you will need:
- 2 Earring chandeliers
- 2 Fishhook earwires
- 12 Headpins
- Small jump rings (if desired)
- 24 pearl beads
- 10 flower shaped glass beads (or other shapes)

These earrings are on the heavier side because I used glass beads. If you like lighter earrings, use plastic or even wooden beads!

{Will be posting a video soon!!!!!!! So stay tuned!!!! ☺}

Pass the headpins through a pearl bead, then the flower bead, then another pearl bead.

Use pliers to fold the cut headpin back against the top pearl bead.

Use the same technique for the pearl bead used in the top of the chandelier. Fold the headpin back, leaving room for the pearl to dangle. Cut the excess headpin and fold what remains back against the bead.
On the fishhook earwire, I had springs resting at the bottom, but I removed those a replaced them with yet anther pearl. So this is a cuter option than the spring!

Finished product!

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