Wednesday, January 2, 2013

5 Sneaky Acne Causes

If you're like me, you occasionally get breakouts- even though you're not a teenager anymore. But I'll let you in on a little secret.. The five tiny causes below are many actions we are guilty of, but no worries! We can easily stop doing them!
1. Hands off: Adult acne can appear anywhere you apply repeated or extended pressure on your skin. Resting your chin on your hand while you work, pressing your mobile on your chin, or wearing tight clothing can contribute to acne. Touching your face can be a hard habit to break. To break the acne cycle, try using a headset with your mobile phone and wearing a ponytail to keep hair out of your face. 
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2. Sweat it out: Surveys show that we often touch our faces 10 to 12 times an hour. This can increase during summer as we wipe sweat from our faces. Unfortunately, sweat contributes to clogged pores so instead of wiping sweat with your hands, invest in makeup-removing wipes. 
3. Glasses glitch: For acne-prone skin, glasses are an extra opportunity for nose pimples. Wearing glasses makes it easier for oil, dead skin and dirt to remain on the skin and clog pores beneath the frames. To avoid breakouts caused by glasses, give the area added attention during your cleansing routine. Also, keep wipes nearby to clean your frames and skin throughout the day. 
4. Long bangs: Be aware: your fringe may be causing forehead acne. Apply styling products with fingers or a comb instead of spritzing on your hair and face. Hair products can block your pores and start a breakout.
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5. Sunscreen side effects: I hope you're wearing sunscreen every day, even if it's overcast- not that I'm not guilty of usually skipping! But any beauty products without noncomedogenic on the label can set your acne-prone skin off. Choose water-based foundations, mineral-based powders and oil-free sunscreens to minimise your blemish count.
 Maybe by knowing some of these small factors, you can save yourself from a breakout!

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