Monday, December 31, 2012

Zombie Survival Kit 2.0

Ok, so in the last Zombie Survival Kit post, I mentioned that my Honey Bee wanted a bigger, better kit for Christmas. Well, here it is!
I was able to get some really neat stuff during October since, you know, Halloween was then. Take the edible body parts- that is so gross to me, but my guy laughed really hard when he saw it. 
Scroll through this post to see just how YOU can make the Zombie Survival Kit 2.0!

What You Will Need:
- A medium to large sized cardboard box
- Spray paint
- Caution tape (optional)
- Brown packaging paper
- Small round containers
- Zombie decor (like the fake brains below)
- Large candy bars
- Red crosses
- Energy labels
- Zombie warnings
- Fake guns, knives, etc.
- Matches or a lighter
- Emergency heat
- Peanut or regular M&Ms
- Flashlights
- Binoculars
- Large blanket
- Filter masks
- Candy sticks as "matches"
I labeled this plastic brain as "Zombie Bait."

Edible body parts! Ick...

A put a back scratcher in the kit with the tag saying: If you find yourself alone during this time, you'll need a good back scratcher for those hard to reach spots.

I printed out some cool warnings and guides to take down on the inside flaps of the box.

The candy sticks will work as matches and you can put them inside of a small box and cover it in labels!

What would a survival kit be without weapons?? I included a bow and arrow set, water gun, and dart gun.

Here are toy binoculars, walkie-talkie, whistle, and compass, along with the filter masks and a rubber mallet.
The filter masks: Protect yourself from airborne illness. Being sick makes you slow. Being slow makes you zombie food.

The small containers will have the red cross labels hot glued to the tops and filled with the M&Ms.

This is the lighter and emergency heat. Emergency heat is awesome! But please don't play with fire...
The lighter and emergency heat wear taped with sticky caution tape with the tag: For long, cold nights. Or for cooking. Squirrel anyone?

I wrapped the weapons all together and labeled them.

The large candy bars can be wrapped in plain printing paper with the Emergency label!

Flashlights and binoculars.

These I found during Halloween also, just Zombie warning signs.

Most of the kit out of the box.

All wrapped up and ready! Make sure you "bloody up" the packaging for a spooky effect!
 Remember, this is just a guide! Make the kit how YOU want it! Personalize it how your significant other would like it best!

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