Monday, March 26, 2012

The Alphabet of Our Love

The Alphabet of Our Love! This is a simple project that is a great gift for an anniversary or Valentine or just to say I love you! ☺ So when you wanna show your significant other that you care, this would be the perfect project!
Supplies You Will Need:
30- 4X6 Blank Index Cards
2- Metal Loops
Hole Puncher
Pack of Reinforcement Labels
Stickers, Pretty Paper, or other Decorative Items 
This project can be as unique as you like! It's yours, so make sure it reflects your personality. 
Punch two holes in each of the blank index cards (make sure the holes line up).
Decorate the cards with stickers or markers, and make sure you write a letter from the alphabet on each card.
For each letter, write a message about your love! ♥
Reinforce the holes on your cards with the labels to prevent tearing.
Put it all together and viola! A sweet gift from you to your loved one!

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