Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DIY Glass Bead Necklace

This glass bead necklace is very easy to make! 

The supplies you will need include:
-glass beads of coordinating colors (or whatever colors you want!)
- .45 mm silver beading wire (3 - 18-20" long strips)
-2 clam-shell tips
-lobster claw clasp
-2 jump rings
-chain extension
-wire cutters (one for cutting and one for pinching findings closed)

Ok, now that we have our supplies down, let's talk about just how to do this. Take your .45 mm silver beading wire and create three (3) 18 to 20 inch strips. Make sure your strips are even. Twist one side of your strips together to close off that end- this will prevent your beads from sliding off. Pick whatever colors you want to use of your glass beads and slide one down over all 3 wires. The next bead you slide into place only goes down two (2) wires. With your third bead, slide it down two wires yet again, but not the same two as your second bead. Remember, this necklace has a twist to it. Continue this pattern all the way to the other end. Your beads can be as many or few as you like. Once to the other end, take one bead to put over all three (3) strands again.(Study the pictures below for a better understanding.) Your findings will need to be applied to both ends when you have completed putting the beads in place. Your wire cutters will come in handy when applying the findings. The clam-shell tips provide a way of hiding the end knots, and also make it possible to attach a wide variety of clasps. For this project we use a lobster clasp finding which will link to a jump ring. Once they have been put on, you will need to put the chain extension into place (that's just to make sure it will certainly fit around your neck in a comfortable fashion).  

So, easy or hard? Opinions? Let me know! Did you get the instructions? Yes? No? Maybe so? I'd love to know! So, comment and remember to follow my blog for more fun ideas! 

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