Friday, April 20, 2012

Decorative Gumball Machine

This idea floats around lots of blogs, so I figured I'd post one too! ☺ I did mine slightly different than most, in the fact that mine has a seashore theme. It's really easy to make, even for people that are so called "craft challenged."

Supplies You Will Need:
Terracotta pot- (L x W x H): 4.33 x 4.33 x 3.94
Terracotta pot saucer (match with above pot)
Round glass bowl- 4¼" wide, 3¾" tall
Acrylic paint
Hot glue gun
Seashells or other decorative objects (optional)

Paint the pot and it's saucer any color you want with the acrylic paint. Once it dries, you may need to add another layer to better hide the pot's original color.

After you are satisfied with whatever paint you have applied, hot glue the bottom of the terracotta pot onto the bottom of the small glass bowl (if you choose to put shells on it, hot glue them around the pot's top first). Take a few small shells and hot glue them around the pot's bottom, that the bowl sits on now, making sure they all fit without overlapping. The saucer should fit nicely onto the top of the bowl. Arrange the shells however you like on the saucer top and hot glue them one at a time. The shells that are glued to the top act as a handle- just remember not to tug too hard!  
I also (just to make it prettier) added vanish mixed with green glitter and painted the blue areas around the top and bottom. If you are wondering where to purchase the right bowl and pot, I found the glass bowl at Dollar Tree, and the terracotta pot at Walmart. Fill your new gumball machine with Hershey's kisses, wrapped gumballs, or even more shells!

So, this craft is easy, fun, and affordable! Hope you enjoyed!

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